Hai Wan(万海)
Associate Professor

TEL: 010-6279 7017

Education background:

2003-2011 Tsinghua University  Ph.D
1999-2003 National University of Defense Technology B.S.


2011-2012 INRIA Post-Doctor Researcher
2013-2017 School of Software, Tsinghua University  Research Assistant
2018-Now School of Software, Tsinghua University  Associate Professor

Areas of Research Interests/ Research Projects:

Data analysis, trustworthy systems, industrial networks, real-time systems, formal modeling and verification

Research Status:

Tsinghua University-China Central Depository & Clearing Co., Ltd. Joint Institute for Financial Information Technology Innovation, 2020-2025
Research on Key Technologies of Microprocessor Agile Design Methodology, NSFC projects, PI, 2020-2023
Research and Development of Software Definition Theory and Key Technology for Industrial Control Real-time Network, Guangdong Province Research and Development Program, co-PI, 2020-2022
Tsinghua University – CRRC Qingdao Sifang Rolling Stock Research Institute Co.,Ltd. Joint Research Center for Intelligent Equipment Industrial Internet, 2018-2023
Research and development of software and support tools for railway equipments, National Science and Technology Major Project of China, 2016-2019
Demonstration of industrial control network in Rail transportation industry, Information technology fund of MIIT of China, 2015-2017
Key technologies and system implementation of train control and information service network (TCSN), co-PI, National High Technology Research and Development Program of China, 2015-2017
Research and Implementation of MVB network controller for train communication network, PI, Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission, 2014-2015

Academic Achievement:

Zonghui Li, Hai Wan, Yangdong Deng, Xibin Zhao, Yue Gao, Xiaoyu Song, Ming Gu: Time-Triggered Switch-Memory-Switch Architecture for Time-Sensitive Networking Switches. IEEE Trans. on CAD of Integrated Circuits and Systems 39(1): 185-198 (2020)
Qinghan Yu, Hai Wan, Xibin Zhao, Yue Gao, Ming Gu: Online Scheduling for Dynamic VM Migration in Multicast Time-Sensitive Networks. IEEE Trans. Industrial Informatics 16(6): 3778-3788 (2020)
Lifan Su, Hai Wan, Yufang Qin, Xibin Zhao, Yue Gao, Xiaoyu Song, Chenyang Lu, Ming Gu: Synthesizing Fault-Tolerant Schedule for Time-Triggered Network Without Hot Backup. IEEE Trans. Industrial Electronics 66(2): 1345-1355 (2019)
Ningchen Wang, Qinghan Yu, Hai Wan, Xiaoyu Song, Xibin Zhao: Adaptive Scheduling for Multicluster Time-Triggered Train Communication Networks. IEEE Trans. Industrial Informatics 15(2): 1120-1130 (2019)
Zonghui Li, Hai Wan, Zaiyu Pang, Qiubo Chen, Yangdong Deng, Xibin Zhao, Yue Gao, Xiaoyu Song, Ming Gu: An Enhanced Reconfiguration for Deterministic Transmission in Time-Triggered Networks. IEEE/ACM Trans. Netw. 27(3): 1124-1137 (2019)
Zonghui Li, Hai Wan, Boxu Zhao, Yangdong Deng, Ming Gu: Dynamically Optimizing End-to-End Latency for Time-Triggered Networks. NEAT@SIGCOMM 2019: 36-42
Heyuan Shi, Xibin Zhao, Hai Wan, Huihui Wang, Jian Dong, Kun Tang, Anfeng Liu: Multi-model induced network for participatory-sensing-based classification tasks in intelligent and connected transportation systems. Comput. Networks 141: 157-165 (2018)
Xibin Zhao, Nan Wang, Heyuan Shi, Hai Wan, Jin Huang, Yue Gao: Hypergraph Learning With Cost Interval Optimization. AAAI 2018: 4522-4529
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Zonghui Li, Hai Wan, Yangdong Deng, Ming Gu: Work-in-Progress: A Flattened Priority Framework for Mixed-Criticality Real-Time Systems. RTAS 2018: 85-88
Ronglu Yang, Lifan Su, Xibin Zhao, Hai Wan, Jiaguang Sun: Representative band selection for hyperspectral image classification. J. Vis. Commun. Image Represent. 48: 396-403 (2017)
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Qinghan Yu, Xibin Zhao, Hai Wan, Yue Gao, Chenyang Lu, Ming Gu: Handling scheduling uncertainties through traffic shaping in Time-Triggered train networks. IWQoS 2017: 1-6
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Zhen Cheng, De-chen Zhan, Xibin Zhao, Hai Wan: Multitask Oriented Virtual Resource Integration and Optimal Scheduling in Cloud Manufacturing. J. Applied Mathematics 2014: 369350:1-369350:9 (2014)
Xibin Zhao, Zhiyang You, Hai Wan: A Novel Two-Terminal Reliability Analysis for MANET. J. Applied Mathematics 2013: 216186:1-216186:9 (2013)
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Wan Hai, Huang Chongdi, Wang Yuhui, Fei He, Gu Ming, Marius Bozga, Modeling and Validation of a Data Process Unit Control for Space Applications, Embedded Real Time Software and Systems 2012
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