Name:Guiguang Ding
Position:Associate Professor
Dr. Guiguang Ding is currently an associate professor of Tsinghua University. He received his Ph.D degree in electronic engineering from the University of Xidian. Before joining school of software in 2006, he worked as a postdoctoral researcher in automation department of Tsinghua university. His current research centers on the area of multimedia information retrieval and management, in particular, visual object classification, automatic semantic annotation, content-based multimedia indexing, social multimedia retrieval, mining and recommendation. He has published about 40 research papers in international conferences and journals and applied for 8 Patent Rights in China.

Areas of Research Interests/ Research Projects:

Computer vision based on deep learning
Image/Video annotation and captioning
Image/Video Retrieval

Academic Achievement:

1. Yuchen Guo,Guiguang Ding,Li Liu,Jungong Han,Ling Shao,Learning to Hash with Optimized Anchor Embedding for Scalable Retrieval,IEEE Transactions on Image Processing,2017.03.01,26(3):1344~1354
2. Minghai Chen,Guiguang Ding,Sicheng Zhao,Hui Chen,Jungong Han,Qiang Liu,Reference Based LSTM for Image Captioning,31st AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence 2017,San Francisco, California USA,2017.2.4-2017.2.9 AAAI2017: 3981-3987
3. Yuchen Guo,Guiguang Ding,Jungong Han,Yue Gao,Zero-shot Recognition via Direct Classifier Learning with Transferred Samples and Pseudo Labels,31st AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence 2017,San Francisco, California USA,2017.2.4-2017.2.9  AAAI2017:4061-4067 
4. Tianxiang Pan,Bin Wang,Guiguang Ding,Junhai Yong,Fully Convolutional Neural Networks with full-scale-features for Semantic Segmentation,31st AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence 2017,San Francisco, California, USA,2017.2.4-2017.2.9 AAI2017: 4240-4246
5. Yuchen Guo,Guiguang Ding,Jianmin Wang,Xiaoming Jin,Active Learning with Cross-Class Knowledge Transfer,30th AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence 2016,Phoenix, Arizona USA,2016.2.12-2016.2.17 ,1624-1630
6. Li Liu,Zijia Lin,Fuming Shen,Ling Shao,Guiguang Ding,Jungong Han,Sequential Discrete Hashing for Scalable Cross-modality Similarity Retrieval,IEEE Transactions on Image Processing,2017.01.01,26(1):107~118
7. Ding, Guiguan,Guo, Yuchen,Zhou, Jile,Gao, Yue,Large-Scale Cross-Modality Search via Collective Matrix Factorization Hashing,IEEE Transactions on Image Processing,2016.11.01,25(11):5427~5440
8. Sicheng Zhao,Hongxun Yao,Yue Gao,Rongrong Ji,Guiguang Ding,Continuous Probability Distribution Prediction of Image Emotions via Multi-Task Shared Sparse Regression,IEEE Transactions on Multimedia,2016.10.13,19(3):632~645
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