Name:Chunping Li 

Position:Associate Professor  School of Software, Tsinghua University



Phone  +86-10-62795437

Fax  +86-10-62773281


Since Oct. 2002: Associate Professor, School of Software, Tsinghua University, China May –July 2006: Guest Lecturer, Technical University of Dresden, Germany

Nov. 2000 – Sep. 2002: Software Architect, TEMIS GmbH, Germany

Jan. 2000 – Nov. 2000: Research Associate, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong

May 1995 – Jan. 2000: Research Scientist, Darmstadt University of Technology, Germany

Jul. 1988 – May 1995: Lecturer, Jilin University, China

Jan. 1991 – Dec. 1993: Guest Researcher, National Key Laboratory of Applied Optics, China


Areas of Research Interests/ Research Projects:

Artificial Intelligence, Data Analysis and Data Mining, Machine Learning and Automated Reasoning


Research Status:

1.Domain-Oriented Data Analysis Mining, National 863 High-Technology Funding Project, China (Oct. 2002 - Oct. 2004)

2. Reasoning about Times, Actions and Change, Scientific Research Funding for ROCS, by State Education Ministry, China (11.2004 –11.2006)

3. China Shengli-Oilfield Data Warehouse Design and Application, National 863 High-Technology Funding Project, China (Sep. 2003 - Sep. 2005)

4. Automated Reasoning based on the Process Semantics, Scientific Research Funding, by Tsinghua University, China (June. 2003 -Juni. 2005)

5. Multimodal Interaction Techniques for In-Car HMI, Project funded by VW Research Germany (Sep 2007 - May 2009)

6. Software Defect and Failure Prediction, National Natural Science Funding, China (2008 - 2010)

7. Program Complexity for Software Defect Prediction, NFSC-RS Joint Project, Funded by NSFC in China and Royal Society in UK (2009 -2010)

8. Multimedia Data Preserve and Information Security, National 863 Project (2009 -2010) 

9. WEB and Social Media Mining, Joint Project funded by NRI in Japan (2008–2013)

10.Trusted Software Technology, China National Lab for Information Technology (2010 - 2013)

11.Contextual Reasoning in the Mobile Environment, Joint Project with HUAWEI CO.LTD(2012 - 2014)

12.Trusted Embedded Software Systems – Testbed and Applications, Funded by NSFC Integrated Key Project Program, (2013 - 2016)

13.Fast Video based Anomaly Detection on Rail Lines, NFSC-RS Joint Project, Funded by NSFC in China and Royal Society in UK (2014 -2016)

14.Development of Image Identification Algorithms using Deep Learning Techniques, and

   Development of Program Synthesis Method for Data Transformation, Joint project funded by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.(2015 - 2017)
15.Key Technologies of Electrical Data Management and Application, Funded by Siemens A.G.(2016-2017)

16.Location based Data Fusion and Prediction for Mass Contingency Events,Funded by National Natural Science Funding, China (2017-2020)



Honors And Awards:

Scholarship for Academic Research in Germany (supported by Chinese Education Ministry, 1995 - 1996)

DAAD-Scholarship (supported by DAAD -- German Academic Exchange Services, 1997 - 1999)

Erasmus Mundus Teaching and Research Scholarship (supported by European Union, May-July 2006)


Academic Achievement:


(I) Book(s):

Chunping Li, Reasoning about Processes and Continuous Change, Shaker-Verlag Publishing House, Germany, 1999, ISBN 3-8265-6796-X


(II) Papers:

1. Jingming Liu, Minghui Gong, Wei Guo, Chunping Li, Hui Wang, Shuai Zhang, Christopher Nugent, Dose Regulation Model of Norepinephrine Based on LSTM Network and Clustering Analysis in Sepsis, International Journal of Computational Intelligence Systems Vol. 13(1), pp. 717–726 (2020)

2. Chen Sun, Chunping Li, Yan Zhu: A Novel Convolutional Neural Network Based Localization System for Monocular Images, International Journal of Software Science and  Computational Intelligence Vol.11(2): 38-50 (2019)

3. Ming Tang, Jian Jin, Ying Liu, Chunping Li, Integrating Topic, Sentiment and Syntax for Modeling Online Product Reviews: A Topic Model Approach, ASME Journal of Computing and Information Science in Engineering Vol 19 (2019)

4. Md Ileas Pramanik, Raymond Y. K. Lau, Wei T. Yue, Yunming Ye, Chunping Li: Big data analytics for security and criminal investigations. Wiley Interdiscip. Rev. Data Min. Knowl. Discov. 7(4) (2017)

5. Shaoxu Song, Chunping Li, Xiaoquan Zhang: Turn Waste into Wealth: On Simultaneous Clustering and Cleaning over Dirty Data. SIGKDD 2015: 1115-1124

6. Wenping Zhang, Chunping Li, Yunming Ye, Wenjie Li, Eric W. T. Ngai:Dynamic Business Network Analysis for Correlated Stock Price Movement Prediction. IEEE Intelligent Systems 30(2): 26-33 (2015)

7. Raymond Y. K. Lau, Chunping Li, Stephen S. Y. Liao: Social analytics: Learning fuzzy product ontologies for aspect-oriented sentiment analysis. Decision Support Systems 65: 80-94 (2014)

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