Name:Yong Junhai

Position: Professor


Education background:

1991.9-1996.7 Department of Computer Science and Technology, Tsinghua University, Bachelor

1996.9-2000.9 Department of Computer Science and Technology, Tsinghua University, Ph.D.


2000.3-2000.6 Visiting Researcher, Computer Science, Hong Kong University of Science & Technology

2000.11-2002.9, Post Doctor, Computer Science, University of Kentucky

2002.10-now, Faculty member, School of Software, Tsinghua University

Social service:

Co-Chair of IEEE SMI 2009 Program Committee,Academic Committee Member of School of Information at Tsinghua University, Steering Committee Member of the NSFC Major Research Plan "Dynamic Disaster Evolution of Major Engineering Structures"

Areas of Research Interests/ Research Projects:

Computer Aided Design, Computer Aided Geometric Design, Computer Graphics, Computer Animation, Software Engineering

Research Status:

The National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars

Honors And Awards:

National Excellent Doctoral Dissertation Award of China in 2003;

 Excellent teaching award for young teachers by Tsinghua University in 2006;

the National Excellent Textbook Award for Universities in 2008;

the Beijing Excellent Textbook Award for Universities in 2008.

Academic Achievement:


[1] Jun-Hai Yong. Programming in Java. Beijing: Tsinghua University Press. 2008.

[2] Jun-Hai Yong. Textbook for Programming in Java (Second Edition). Beijing: Tsinghua University Press. 2007.

[3] Jun-Hai Yong. Exercises for Programming in Java. Beijing: Tsinghua University Press. 2006.

[4] Jun-Hai Yong. Fundamentals of Computer Animation: Algorithms and Programming. Beijing: Tsinghua University Press. 2008.

Some selected papers:

[1] Jun-Hai Yong, Fuhua (Frank) Cheng. Geometric Hermite curves with minimum strain energy. Computer Aided Geometric Design 2004. 21(3): 281-301.

[2] Jun-Hai Yong, Fuhua (Frank) Cheng, Yifan Chen, Paul Stewart, Kenjiro T. Miura. Dynamic highlight line generation for locally deforming NURBS surfaces. Computer-Aided Design 2003. 35(10): 881-892.

[3] Jun-Hai Yong, Shi-Min Hu, Jia-Guang Sun, Xing-Yu Tan. Degree reduction of B-spline curves. Computer Aided Geometric Design 2001. 18(2): 117-127.

[4] Jun-Hai Yong, Shi-Min Hu, Jia-Guang Sun. CIM algorithm for approximating three-dimensional polygonal curves. Journal of Computer Science and Technology 2001. 16(6): 552-559.

[5] Jun-Hai Yong, Shi-Min Hu, Jia-Guang Sun. Bisection algorithms for approximating quadratic Bezier curves by G1 arc splines. Computer-Aided Design 2000. 32(4): 253-260.

[6] Jun-Hai Yong, Bai-Lin Deng, Fuhua (Frank) Cheng, Bin Wang, Kun Wu, Hejin Gu. Removing local irregularities of triangular meshes with highlight line models.Science in China (Series F-Information Sciences) 2009. 52(3): 418-430.

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