Ion Stoica 清华大学杰出访问教授聘任仪式暨大数据研究中心学术报告会
发布于 2021-12-06

主题:Ion Stoica 清华大学杰出访问教授聘任仪式暨大数据研究中心学术报告会

时间:2021年12月7日 10:00 上午 北京,上海


报告摘要: 报告将介绍加州大学伯克利分校RISELab为支撑实时智能决策而研发的多个平台与算法项目。其中,系统项目专注解决机器学习工作负载的有效调度,例如:支持任务抽象与并行的通用分布式机器学习系统Ray。而算法项目则以实现更安全、可解释的决策系统任务为目标,例如:可学习数据库查询优化系统Balsa,以及自动生成决策树的网络包分类工具NeuroCuts。

报告人简介: Ion Stoica is a Professor in the EECS Department at the University of California at Berkeley, and the Director of RISELab (https://rise.cs.berkeley.edu/). He is currently doing research on cloud computing and AI systems. Past work includes Apache Spark, Apache Mesos, Tachyon, Chord DHT, and Dynamic Packet State (DPS). He is an ACM Fellow, an honorary member of Romanian Academy, and has received numerous awards, including the Mark Weiser Award (2019), SIGOPS Hall of Fame Award (2015), and several "Test of Time" awards. He also co-founded three companies, Anyscale (2019), Databricks (2013) and Conviva (2006).