Software Institute Holds New Student Backbone Camp Lunch Exchange
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Published at 2020-11-02

At noon on September 6, 2020, the School of Software's New Student Backbone Training Camp Lunch Exchange Meeting was held in the East Main Building. Wang Jianmin, Dean of Software School, Wang Bin, Secretary of the Party Committee, Wang Bin, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Dynasty Kun, Zhang Hehua, Leader of the Student Working Group of the Party Committee, You Kaichao, Counselor of Zero Class, and Wu Haixu and five new student backbones of Zero Class participated in the lunch exchange meeting. Two other new students were quarantined at the school and participated in the exchange remotely via online meeting due to the epidemic prevention and control requirements.


Mr. Wang Jianmin, the president of the school, firstly shared his school journey and reviewed his growth experience from a freshman to a graduate student to a university teacher, encouraging students to cherish their university time. Mr. Wang Bin, secretary of the Party Committee, urged everyone to do a good job of identity and thinking change as soon as possible, from the single goal thinking of high school students to the multi-dimensional development of university thinking, and encouraged everyone to meet the challenges of the university with a positive attitude. Mr. Dynasty Kun, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, introduced the school's resources for psychological counseling, study quizzes, and global competency development to let students know where to go for help in times of difficulty.


The teachers and students reviewed the wonderful training camp life for two days, looked forward to the upcoming university life, and deeply felt the atmosphere of the School of Software as a family. The students have expressed that they will help each other, make progress together, and strive to build a software zero word collective, to create a positive atmosphere of competition and cooperation in learning.